Welcome to the Bookkeeping Template

"Demo Data Guide"


The ZAP Accounting Software Bookkeeping Template comes with one year's worth of Demo Data in it for John Doe Acupuncture for the year of 2016. In this website we will explore a newly downloaded template with the default demo data for basic ficommercial education as well as basic file functionality education.


In one version of the natural flow of education, you would be arriving here from the BK Download Guide.

  • If so, you have learned how to download the file, connect the unbound Google Script Project., and create copies of it

In another version of the flow of education, some of you may actually start here before downloading the Software. Why?

  • Because this is where you can get a better feel for things to decide if it's worth investing the time for download.

This Demo Data Guide is Split into THREE Parts (that are menu items on this website)

  • Part 1 -- Professional File Review -- The narrator pretends he's a CPA or Bookkeeper reviewing a new client's Bookkeeping records where the new client uses ZAP's Bookkeeping Template.

  • Part 2 - An allopathic look at the file and demo data by worksheet.

  • Part 3 - Experimentation Time -- Small changes are made to the data to see how those changes flow through the worksheet. We also have some wide ranging talks about Small Business that most will want to consume for baseline education.

Where will I go after I've viewed what I want in Parts 1 , 2 and 3?

If you have not already downloaded your own templates, you can get help doing that at the BK Download Guide

If you have already downloaded your own templates the next natural step for you would be the BK Configuration Guide.

You may also want to return to the Bookkeeping Template Landing Page or the BK Master Guide to seek out other educational resources to create your own order for education and learning.