ZAP's Bookkeeping Template comes with 1 year's worth of DEMO DATA for "John Doe Acupuncture".

  • The Demo Data is ideal for Bookkeeping, Accounting, Technology and Small Business education.

  • It also acts as a data validation tool for those who want to modify the templates before loading their own data.

This "Demo Data" Guide website is Split into THREE Parts:

  • Part 1 -- A Professional File Review The narrator pretends he's a CPA or Bookkeeper reviewing John's Bookkeeping records as part of a Tax Preparation or data attestation process.
    (2 videos, 33 minutes total )

  • Part 2 -- A worksheet by worksheet tour of the file and data along with an introduction to Universal Database Theory. A great way to get oriented.
    (15 videos, 142 mins total)

  • Part 3 -- Experimentation Time Small changes are made to the data to see how those changes flow through the worksheet. We also have some wide ranging talks about Small Business that most will want to consume for baseline education.
    (6 videos, 67 minutes total)

Where will I go after I've viewed what I want in Parts 1 , 2 and 3?